The Organizers thank all Exhibitors of Ceramics in Europe 2022.

Cerpotech is specialized in the production of advanced ceramic powders for functional materials. The company was founded in Trondheim Norway in 2007 as a spin-off company from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. With our unique production process, we synthesize high quality ceramic powders tailored to specific processing requirements and end-product functionalities of our customers including many different applications possible in 3D printing. The main applications are electro-ceramics and piezoceramics, solid oxides cell materials, membranes, catalysts, battery materials etc. Our production capabilities include customized batches for R&D purposes as well as ton-scale supply of powders for industrial production.

At NETZSCH, you will find solutions for Thermal Analysis, thermos-physical properties testing, cure monitoring, dynamic-mechanical testing, rheology, multiple module and accelerating rate calorimetry as well as for fire testing. Our instruments and methods allow for material characterization and the study of properties such as specific heat capacity, enthalpies, weight change, Young’s modulus, dimensional changes, thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, viscosity and evolved gases including determinations with regard to purity and composition, poly-morphism, thermal stability and application temperature limits, aging and thermomechanical behavior, visco-elastic properties, processing conditions, and fire behavior. NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing develops sensitive, versatile, and reliable instrumentation for research and development, quality control, process safety and failure analysis. We offer our customers broad applications knowhow through publications, demonstrations, contract testing, seminars and users’ meetings.